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New Treatment Uses Nanofibers To Aid In Wound Healing April 18, 2011

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I’ve been hearing about the potential of nanomaterials in medicine for some time now so it’s nice to see it finally showing some practical applications:

The nanofibrous hollow spheres are combined with cells and then injected into the wound. When the nanofiber spheres, which are slightly bigger than the cells they carry, degrade at the wound site, the cells they are carrying have already gotten a good start growing because the nanofiber spheres provide an environment in which the cells naturally thrive…

To repair complex or oddly shaped tissue defects, an injectable cell carrier is desirable to achieve accurate fit and to minimize surgery, he says. Ma’s lab has been working on a biomimetic strategy to design a cell matrix — a system that copies biology and supports the cells as they grow and form tissue — using biodegradable nanofibers.

Pretty darn cool, though I’m still waiting for my nanotech blood cells.