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About Me

First the obligatory life story.  I am a graduate student working in marine ecology and I must say I love what I do.  Not many people get to wake up in the morning and go to a job that involves diving in kelp forests.  My focus is broadly on climate change and more specifically on the effects of climate change on species interactions and changes in spatial and temporal patch dynamics.  I am a transhumanist, an atheist, and a vegan.  I am an aspiring scientist, an occasional writer, a competent bass player and a terrible gardener.

I started this blog with the intent of commenting on subjects within the transhumanist community that were particularly dear to me.  I am not nor have I ever been a SI guy and so instead chose to focus on topics I actually know about, namely biology and ecology.  Philosophical issues related to these topics (Should we desire immortality?  How might transhumans treat the natural world? Are species inherently valuable?) also interest me and will make occasional appearances.

Special attention must also be payed to the Hedonistic Imperative.  If there is one thing that truly can be said to have opened my eyes to the potentials of transhumanism it is David Pearce’s grand vision of a world without suffering.  A significant portion of this blog is dedicated to imagining how we might construct and ensure the continuation of such a world.

This blog is ultimately about the future and how through our own small, individual actions we might shape it for the better.  Enjoy.




1. [ʃpru:ns] (@sprOOnz) - February 9, 2012


I would be interested in following you on Twitter, had you an account; can’t find any though.



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