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New Solar System With More Planets Than Sol April 9, 2012

Posted by Metabiological in Beyond Earth.
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I always like hearing news like this.

An astronomer at the University of Hertfordshire has discovered the presence of multiple new planets surrounding the star HD 10180 — enough to give it the crown as the only solar system discovered to date with more planets than ours.

In total, researchers have found nine planets, one more than our Solar System’s eight. None of the planets in the 127 light-year away solar system appear to be capable of sustaining life — most are so close to the sun that their scorched surfaces can’t even sustain solid metals.

A little more than a decade ago I was having a “friendly discussion” with a particularly devout Christian high school classmate of mine.  We were debating evolution and I was making the argument that given the sheer vastness of the universe their must be other forms of life out there.  His retort was “Then where are all the alien planets?”  How much can change in a decade. Unfortunately while new planets seem to be popping up every week life remains stubbornly elusive.

Incidentally, you may now begin the countdown to the inevitable whining chorus of “But what about Pluto!?!”



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