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Mike Treder Is Missing *UPDATE* March 19, 2012

Posted by Metabiological in Transhumanism.
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Hi everyone, just trying to get the word out on this.  According to the IEET website Mike Treder, transhumanist and IEET fellow, has gone missing.  He was apparently in Detroit for a conference and has not been heard from since last Wednesday.  While there is not much those of us outside the Detroit area can do please try to get the word out.  The more people who know the faster we can find him.

*UPDATE*  Per the IEET website the search has been called off for Mike.  Apparently the police have evidence that he crossed the border into Canada with no evidence of danger or foul play.  As such the family has decided to respect his seeming desire to disappear and has ended the search.

Best wishes Mike.



1. Marianne Waldow - June 2, 2012

Yes, the hunt was called off because Mike pretended to leave his hotel and have something bad happen to him in not returning. He went to Canada then Europe, leaving everyone in his family and me, for whom he claimed to care for 7 years, totally in the dark. he is not writing under incipientposthuman.com and I wish that one of you transhumanists who know what he is doing would ask him to contact me once so I can have some real closure on this. It would be very kind of one of you. I have been sick. His granddaughter cries for him. I don’t see his action as being so worrying about the suffering of people who love him.
Marianne Waldow

2. Marianne Waldow - June 2, 2012

sorry that is he is now writing under incipientposthuman.com

Metabiological - June 2, 2012

I am very sorry for the pain this situation has brought you. In truth I didn’t know Mike had reappeared or that he had begun posting again. I actually have never met him in person and only know him through his writings. I will do what I can to see that he contacts you. I can’t promise you much but I will try.

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