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Tell The FDA: Support Personal Genomics April 30, 2011

Posted by Metabiological in Longevity, Transhumanism.
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For those that don’t know the FDA is currently considering regulating the nascent personal genomics industry.  Composed of star-ups like 23andme the industry is at the forefront of the personalized medicine revolution.  The idea currently is to take a look at a person’s genetic code for any predispositions to known ailments but the potential is obviously far greater.  Unfortunately the FDA is currently in the midst of determining the extent of regulations over this still burgeoning field.

Now I’m not the type of person who reflexively hates any attempt to impose regulation on the free market (quite the opposite actually) but in this case I stand against the government.  It still unclear what form the regulations would take but it seems that they would involve restricting how a person could access the information they receive, likely requiring them to go through a clinician.  On the surface this doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that the medical industry is completely unprepared to deal with this, that it would raise prices at a crucial point to the industry and, most importantly, there is no real point to it.  There is no evidence that giving people access to this sort of information possess any risk (and if someone can show otherwise I’ll eat my hat).

If you want to tell the FDA what you think then you only have a little time left.  Go to their website and let them know that this sort of action is exactly the wrong thing to do at this point in time.



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