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NASA Scientist Claims To Have Found Alien Life March 5, 2011

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Having already got my hopes up once this year about the possibility of extraterrestrial life only to be brought down by an admittedly cool new life form I’m now very skeptical of any news of this sort coming from anyone involved with NASA.

Short version: a scientist working for NASA has claimed to have discovered fossil evidence of alien life within meteorites.  When I first heard this I immediately had flashbacks, as I’m sure most of you did, to an eerily similar incident over a decade ago regarding life found in martian rocks.  You may remember that the President Clinton actually addressed the nation on the discovery (which has since been largely debunked.)

I’m sure many people will make a big deal of the fact that some of the supposed fossils resemble primitive earth life such as cyanobacteria.  I can almost hear the cries of “how do you know it didn’t just come from earth?”  While not an outright stupid question I don’t think its a deal breaker either.  Cyanobacteria are a very primitive and ancient life form and it would stand to reason that primitive alien life would take a largely similar form (assuming of course similar biochemistry).  In addition some of the other fossils appear to be nothing like anything seen on earth.

In the end something about this just doesn’t smell right for it to be an actual discovery.  Why is this being published in an online journal rather than say Science?  Why isn’t NASA making a much bigger deal about this than it is?  Why did I first hear about this through a ticker story on the Yahoo website?  Maybe I’m just jaded due to the aforementioned let down but I really don’t expect this to turn out to be anything.  Still, one can hope.



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