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Jack LaLanne Dies at 96 Years Old January 23, 2011

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This may seem to be a little out of my area of expertise but I truly feel the need to take note of this man.  I was born long after Jack LaLanne’s television show was off the air and only learned of him through the occasional story my parents or grandparents would tell.  Unlike some I can’t say that I was profoundly influenced by him in any great way but I was always impressed with the way he handled himself.

Jack LaLanne was a fitness icon decades before fitness was the monster industry that it is today.  At a time when athletes were still being told not to lift weights for fear it would make them slow and muscle-bound (no, really) LaLanne was encouraging people to watch their diet, exercise regularly and live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s probably hard for many of us to understand just what a groundbreaking message this was but to say he helped shaped the culture of the modern fitness industry is like saying that Joe Frazier had a decent left hook.

More than that though he seems to have genuinely cared about helping people get in shape and start thinking about their health.  His advice was simple, eat right and exercise, and he never succumbed to any of the gimmicks that populate the industry today.  On his show he would showcase simple exercises that could be done with nothing more than a towel and a chair.

Finally like all truly great icons he practiced what he preached, something which his death at the age of 96 can attest to.  To transhumanists this is probably the thing we will remember him for.  For all our focus on emerging technologies it’s important to remember that the best things we can for our own longevity right now is no more complicated than what Lalanne taught.

To Jack LaLanne

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