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Are We Becoming What They Say We Are? December 15, 2010

Posted by Metabiological in Transhumanism.
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I was browsing the internet as I often do when I decided to check out the site of the upcoming game Deus Ex:Human Revolution.  As a gamer I’m excited because it is the continuation of one of my favorite franchises.  As a transhumanist I am excited because the central premise of the game is a world on the brink of mass human augmentation.  A perfect storm, right?

As I was checking out the message boards I came to a thread that made me pause.  You can see it here.  The title reads “Singularity: To all the non-believers.”  The actual thread is nothing too impressive.  The initial post does little more then present a very bastardized version of Kurzweil’s ideas on accelerating returns while the vast majority of comments treat the OP as a fool.

But look at the title again.  Think about that for a moment. What is one criticism the transhumanist movement has had to struggle against since the beginning?  The Rapture of the Nerds.  The idea that we are simply a bunch of pie in the sky dreamers who only manage to differentiate ourselves from organized religion by our technological trappings.  It is a false accusation and most transhumanists fight hard against it.

This however is not helping us.  In addition to further propagating the image that there is nothing to transhumanism but Kurzweil it makes us into exactly what we claim we are not.  Ignorant drones comfortably assured that the unstoppable march of technology will ultimately bring about our glorious day of reckoning.

This is not who we are.  We do not believe in the Singularity as others believe in the Second Coming.  We do not believe the worlds problems will be solved simply by the right tech.  We do not preach our beliefs with smug certainty.  We do not accept without questioning.

We are the rightful heirs of the Enlightenment.  Start fucking acting like it.



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